How To: Take Care Of Your Treasures ✨

In this jewellery care guide, I'm going to take you through the do's and don'ts of taking care of your jewellery, as well as the difference that buying high-quality jewellery can make to your jewellery care routine.

NO. 1

Caring for and wearing jewels

✨Remove your treasure when you bathe, swim or do intense exercise to maintain shine and quality.
✨Keep your treasures out of direct sunlight when storing (I also use one of those sachets you get in shoe boxes to help keep out any moisture)
✨ Avoid spraying perfumes, applying any creams or hand sanitiser directly onto your jewels. Also remember to take them off when washing your hands.

NO. 2

Cleaning your treasures

✨ To keep those jewels looking fresh, use a jewellery polishing cloth
✨ I clean my treasures with a mild soap and soft cloth. If it’s not plated I recommend using an old toothbrush to give them a good clean.
✨ Don’t use tissue paper or paper towels as this could cause scratching on the metal.

NO. 3

Cleaning gemstones

✨ The gemstones I use are natural and can be quite delicate. Using hot water or any harsh cleaners or chemicals should always be avoided.
✨ Clean your gemstones with a soft, clean, damp cloth after wearing.

NO. 4

How to store

✨ Store your treasures in a lined box, soft pouch
✨ Place a small packet of desiccant crystals, this can help to prevent tarnishing.
✨ Try to avoid piece from touching to avoid scratches

NO. 5

Taking care of earrings

✨ Don’t leave your earring in for long periods, you can take them out to sleep. I take mine out once a week to let them breath abs give everything a clean.
✨ Remember to clean your piercings, dead skin cells can build up creating ear gunk.

NO. 6

Enjoy your treasure

✨ With the right care these jewels will continue to create stories with you
✨ Enjoy them have fun with them




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