How To: Add a charm to a chain or a hoop 💫

The Ryleigh Collection was created so you can interchange your fave charms on  hoops and chains, below you will find 5 simple steps to change the charms from hoop to chain.
1. Get the bail (it's the little clip that came with your charm).

2. Open the bail with a pair of tweezers - take the bottom part of the closure on the bail and pull it open, add the charm to it.

3. Slide the chain into the open bail as well, so both the chain and the charm are inside the open bail. Make sure the front of the charm is facing down.

4. Take your tweezers and carefully close the bottom part of the bail so that it is firmly against the top part of the bail and there are no gaps.

Good to go!

5. If you want to put a charm back onto a hoop, you can open the bail, take the charm off it, and then add the charm to a hoop as normal.

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