How To: Layer Necklaces

5 Tips to Layering Necklaces

1. Mix up the lengths of your necklaces 

When layering necklaces, I like to wear different lengths and textures, this also really helps with not getting chains tangled. Adding a short, midi and long necklace is an easy way to get that sought after layered look. Make sure your combo fits the neckline of your outfit, so, if it's a deep v neck dress go long, or for higher necklines create a shorter combo.


2. Have a focal point

What is the main piece you want people to gravitate to, layer with that piece in mind. This is one of the best ways to show off your style and personality, picking out a gemstone that has special meaning to you or wear your initial. 


3. Mix Metals

I wear gold and silver together all the time, you don't just have to pick one. Mixing metals is all about t blending cool and warm tones to suit your skin tone and create a unique look.


4. Three is the magic number

If you stick to the rule of three when starting out with layering, odd number allow you to create a good variety of necklaces. I don't always stick to this rule as two is my everyday and when I want to I'll go up to 5.


5. The Gia

Still not sure how to layer, the Gia gets you half way there. This necklace is a 106cm, allowing you to wrap it round and create the layered effect with one necklace. 



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