Sapphire September!

Every month I will be talking about birthstones this month is Sapphire!

The name sapphire is Greek for Blue. Before the properties of the stone were discovered in the middle ages, the name sapphire was applied to various blue stones such as what is now called Lapis Lazuli.

Along with Diamond's, Ruby's and Emerald's, it is one of four stones that can be called truly a 'precious' stone.

Colour: Blue in various hues, colourless, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple and black.

Appearance: Transparent or opaque. 

Rarity: Some colours of the stone are rare - others are easily obtained as uncut stones. 

Mohs' Hardness: 9

Sourced: Czech Republic, Thailand, Brazil, Kenya, India, Australia, Sri Lanka

Sapphires are known and revered the world over for their beauty and mystery. In many ancient cultures, this gem has been admired not only for its elegance but also for the magic and good luck often associated with it.

By Colour:

Blue Sapphire: A seeker of truth and traditionally associated with love and purity. Said to facilitate self-expression and speaking the truth.

Black Sapphire: Protective and imparts confidence in one's own intuition. This stone is said to help retain a job.

Green Sapphire: Said to aid dream recall and stimulate loyalty and integrity.

Yellow Sapphire: Attracts wealth and helps to increase prosperity and earnings.


Below are some options for September birthstone or we could always create a bespoke design contact me if you have any questions

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