The Ryleigh Collection - Interchangeable Charms

Here are the reasons why the Ryleigh collection and interchangeable charms work so well:

1) The ultimate stylistic freedom. You can mix and match the charms however you want, skull in one ear and a teardrop gem in the other. Or go asymmetric and add a charm on one side, while wearing just the plain hoop on the other!

2) Personal style. Curate a varied personal collection with these charms, you can mix and match through. Have some charms on daily or weekly rotation and keep others exclusively for special occasions.

3) Practicality.  You only have to have one pair of hoops, with the interchangeable charms maintain all the practicality and sustainable add to one pair of earrings.
4) Simple when you want. 
The Ryleigh hoops are simple the texture is subtle and you have a choice of sizes. Want to keep it discreet pop those charms off and wear the hoops solo, making them suitable for everyday wear. 

5) They’re special and playful. One of my favourite reasons for wearing jewellery is how special  pieces can become, how each piece can tell it's on story. The more you love them, the more you'll wear them.

These charms give you the freedom to mix and match your jewellery to your heart’s content, putting on your Ryleigh earring charms will become one of those playful and mindful moments before you start your adventure for the day.


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Watch this space as soon these charms will also interchange on to chains....
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