Welcome to Oranda Stone!

Firstly I would just like to welcome you to Oranda Stone, I’m Denise Louise I hope you like the website!

I hope this little post will give you a little insight to the jewellery world and the woman behind the brand.

I hope to provide a deeper look into the jewellery world, different ways of wearing pieces, investing in sustainable jewellery, understanding more about metals and semi-precious/precious stones and everything in-between.

I’m a silversmith and designer who makes all the pieces by hand the old fashioned way with a saw, hammer and flame or through carving wax models - I was meant to spend my time fabricating and creating ⚒ 🎨

Oranda Stone is here to give you a bit of the beautiful for the everyday.

I hope you like (well, love) this little creative hub – I hope they make you happy, whether you buy them for you or as a gift, I hope they hold a memory for you and is the start of a collection of little treasures.

I hope you enjoy this space!!

Denise Louise


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