About Oranda Stone

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Denise Louise, the founder and designer/maker behind Oranda Stone.



How The Story began 

I'm a London-based designer-maker. I started this journey when I was a child making dresses out of socks for my dolls, personalised cards and taking photos of everything, with my mum's disposable cameras.

After I had finished school it was no surprise the creative industries was for me, I went on to study a BA in fashion design at UCA. After graduating I worked in various areas in the fashion industry from PR, millinery, fashion and jewellery designers. While working for an online jewellery brand I was drawn into the creative elements that led me to study a silversmithing course in Hatton Garden.

It was my experience from the fashion industry mixed with professional stone setting and silversmithing courses that created Oranda Stone.

 "Oranda Stone is focused on creating modern timeless treasure designed for your everyday adventures with a dash of luxury."

The OS Process
The designs are handcraftes by me in small batches or made to order. Using only recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones from trusted suppliers. 

Oranda Stone is influenced by vintage pieces but they have a modern touch which is why I call them little treasures. These timeless treasure are designed for everyday adventures with a dash of luxury. 

 Each piece is made in small batches or made to order slow fashion style, to make sure as little goes to waste as possible.

All pieces are handmade using traditional techniques that have been used for centuries by craftsmen or carved from my original wax design using the age-old technique of lost wax casting. Handmade is a process that requires persistence, patience and a whole lot of love.


If you would like a custom order or have any questions, please do get in touch here or email me denise@orandastone.com 

I hope you enjoy this little creative space of mine, to see more of the process and day-to-day of Oranda Stone stay in touch on Instagram.


 Denise Louise