About Oranda Stone

Oranda Stone creates modern but timeless treasures, with a dash of luxury, for your everyday adventures. Explore your individuality and push the boundaries of self-expression, with ethereal grunge pieces that are handmade to last. 

 Expertly crafted using recycled sterling silver, recycled gold, and responsibly sourced gemstones, Oranda Stone’s fine and demi-fine jewellery is designed to inspire confidence and reignite your creativity.  




Hey! I’m Denise Louise, London-based founder and designer of Oranda Stone. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved making things, right back to when I was a little girl designing dresses for my dolls, or handcrafting personalised cards. But my real passion for craftsmanship was born when I worked for an online jewellery brand, after studying BA Fashion Design at UCA.
The jewellery-making process sparked something within me that led me to study a silversmithing course in Hatton Garden. My experience in the fashion industry, combined with my fascination with professional stone setting and silversmithing was the fire that ignited Oranda Stone. 




I’m passionate about quality craftsmanship, and I’m obsessed with different textures and shapes that can be worn everyday, and for years to come. It’s why each piece is designed and handcrafted by me, using traditional jewellery-making techniques. Some styles can take up to 3 hours to create. They’re sawn, hammered and polished by hand, or carved using lost wax casting, before they make their way to you—to be mixed, matched and layered, as you create your own looks. 
Curating your own jewellery collection is truly unique to you, and here at Oranda Stone, each of my fine and demi-fine jewellery pieces can be customised to elevate your individual style. Choose from a range of recycled precious metals, and even adorn your new OS pieces with your favourite gemstones.


All styles at Oranda Stone are made from 100% recycled precious metals, in sterling silver or gold vermeil. And decorated with ethically sourced gemstones. To give you an idea, crafting my pieces from recycled silver vs. regular silver reduces CO2 emissions by two thirds, plus it uses a lot less water and reduces harmful nasties being released into our air. So now you can adorn yourself with everyday treasures while being planet-friendly too. 
My seasonless designs are crafted in small batches or are made-to-order just for you, which means I avoid any excess waste too. This makes them even more special though, like one-of-a-kind, little treasures.   
Your OS pieces arrive in 100% plastic-free packaging, which is made from recycled materials and can all be recycled. So you can do your bit for the planet too, by simply popping it into your recycling bin if you no longer need it - I’d always recommend keeping the jewellery box though so you can cherish your treasures forever.


Customisation is my thing, so if you’d love a custom order or have a question about how it all works, drop me a line at denise@orandastone.com and I’ll be in touch! 


Love seeing how OS pieces are made? Head to @orandastone over on Instagram to see everything, from new designs to the Oranda Stone process.